Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Head Gasket Part 7

This whole project is starting to get to me. I want to get it done right, but every time I think it's just about done... Something else pops up. The new Head Bolt set came Monday afternoon about 1:30pm. I went right out and started working on it again. The installation of the Head Bolts went fairly well, I think that I may have been off a few degrees here or there, but for the most part it worked OK.

I was surprised how well things were going with the rest of the re-assembly. The primary timing chain sprocket went on very easily. I was able to get the cam sprockets installed very easy too. I went to put in the primary timing chain tensioning tool that I had purchased earlier in the year and found I had the wrong one. It's too small. Apparently, I have the updated version of the tensioner instead of the old version. So, I couldn't properly set the timing of the chain and the cams.

Not that I didn't try, but the book I was following said that the tensioner itself wouldn't put enough tension on the chain to time it right and it was correct. I tried it with just the tensioner and after turning the motor over a couple of times by hand the cams were slightly off being timed.

I ordered a new tensioning tool that is supposed to work with the "new" style tensioner, but I have no idea when it might get here with the holidays just around the corner.

Until I get the new tool, not much else I can accomplish.

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