Monday, December 21, 2009

Problem Solved

I actually figured this out several months ago, but actually forgot that I had said I would update it if I found the problem.

A while back I wrote that I had noticed a strange thumping sound while driving the 93 525i. I looked all over the car and couldn't find the noise, so I just sort of forgot about it.

One day in early summer, I decided to get the tires replaced that had worn sort of weird before I got the front end fixed up. On the way home from the tire shop, I made a left hand turn and it felt like the right front tire was coming off. I stopped real quick and checked, but everything looked fine. When I got home, I jacked up the front end and that's when I found the problem.

I hate to admit it, but when I changed out the front struts, I must not have screwed the retaining cap to the insert down. Either that or it came loose somehow (highly unlikely since they are very long winded threads). When I looked at that wheel, it was hanging about six to eight inches lower that the other side and you could see the retaining cap just sitting there, the only thing holding the strut together was the spring. I figured that I had trashed the whole set up and started taking it apart. Once I got it all apart it appeared that everything was fine, so I put it all back together. It's been working fine since, no more thumping.

I said that I wasn't a professional mechanic and I just proved it by this little gaffe. I still enjoy working on the cars though.